Tuesday, October 25, 2011




Entry kali ni "Threesixty" nak share some of the pic taken on MotoGP Sepang on 23rd October 2011...

(Complimentary Tickets)..

(Before starts...)

(1st round...)

(Taking their laps...)

(Red flag raise...i.e something happen)

(Race immediately stop...)

(Tired, take a sip 1st...)

(My cutiezz...)

* We all went back shortly after they declared the race to stop immediately after "Marco Simoncelli" involve with an accident...) huhuhu...  


Tribute To Super Sic..

"R.I.P (Marco Simoncelli 1987-2011)"...

Entry "Threesixty" kali ni sedih sikit coz MotoGP yang baru sahaja berlansung di Litar Sepang ahad lalu telah mengorbankan salah seorang pelumba yang "Threesixty" rasa punyai ramai peminat di Malaysia mahupun yang berada diluar negara. "Marco Simoncelli" ataupun so called "SuperSic" ataupun "Afro Guy" ini mengalami kecederaan di kepala & dada akibat tergelincir serta dilanggar oleh 2 pelumba lain yang menyebabkan topi keledar yang dipakainya tercabut. Perlumbaan tersebut dihentikan serta-merta.

Apa yang "Threesixty" tahu doktor telah sedaya-upaya untuk menyelamatkannya but "God Love Him So Much", he was declared died at 4.56 pm and later brought to MNMC for further examination. Valencia Track will be the next pit stop for 2011 MotoGP and i'm sure the enviroment will never be the same again. Even "Threesixty"  as one of his die hard fan feels his lost too. He's my "FAVOURITE RIDER" since he's involvement in motorsports.

Apa yang membuatkan "Threesixty" tidak akan dapat lupakan kenangan "Marco Simoncelli" sampai bila-bila dimana i was directed to translate his death certificate which were requested by a companies that manage the delivery of his body to return to Italy. What i can say is where ever his fans was, all of them were sad of their lost. Mayatnya telah selamat berlepas dari KLIA jam 11.45 mlm tadi dengan diiringi seluruh ahli keluarga serta krew2 yang terlibat. Sebagai kenangan sesalinan sijil kematianya yang didaftarkan di Malaysia akan menjadi kenang-kenangan yang "Threesixty" tidak akan lupakan as long as i live. MotoGP will never ever be the same again without you.

Here, "Threesixty" take this upportunity to give my condolences to the family of deceased. May his soul Rest in Peace. 'Ciao, Sic'....u will always be remember...


Friday, October 21, 2011

My Luvly Kidz..


We meet again, 3rd entry kali ni "Threesixty" nak share ttg my 3 lovely, cute and charming kids @ Miza Adlina (10 yrs), Maizatul Aqma (8 yrs) n Mohamad Aqeef (1 yr 10 mnth). This 3 siblings ade macam2 perangai..kakak (1st one) more towards of mother type coz she's seorang yg mmg ambil berat towrds her siblings. Maybe she's the eldest, itu yg membuatkan dia seorang yg sangat caring. The 2nd one, Maizatul Aqma (kakak Mai) panggilan from his little brother @ Mohammad Aqeef, seorang yg very independent. Everything she does she will do own her own except on certain2 things that might need ur help. 3rd one, my charming price @ Mohamad Aqeef, very much like his father. Suka sgt dgn motorbike, pantang kalau ada siaran ttg motor especially kalau motor racing, he will watch it till the end. Here are some of their pictures. So, i guess thats the wrap-up utk hari ni punya entry @ Jumaat 21 Okt 2011. Next week my entry will are about MOTOGP which takes place in Sepang... check it out!!... C ya....


Bye2 S.A.R.

"Bye2 r luvly SAR'

2nd entry "Threesixty" dedicated to Pn Fa'erah Nurul Aini Bt Izzany yang officially transfered to Ipoh Court effective on 17th Oct 2011. She's invited us for a lunch treat kt her office. She's the most understanding officer that i've ever met. Myself & Zara bought her a very special gift from CM (Central Market). It's actually a jubin with a pic of 3 of us (myself, zara & her). I pray for her successfull in there or where ever she goes and what ever she do. Thanks, Pn Faerah for being a good listner. We (myself & zara) will never ever forget you!!..

(Myself, Pn Fa'erah, Zara n Fazi)

(Myself @ Threesixty)..


Eidul Fitri 2011


Permulaan bagi blog "Threesixty" hari ni, 'ala-ala launching gituu'. Entry sulungku berkait tentang Hari Raya AidilFitri 2011 yang aku kira semacam baru ditinggalkan semalam...Actually bukan ape 1st entry kali ni aku nak share "Days To Remember" of me, myself & us. Since 1st entry "Threesixty" ni aku ade selitkan a few pic of myself & da families..pic2 ni kesemua hasil tangan Syafiq (he's a very best photographer') thanks bro!!. I guess ini je kot entry for my very 1st entry dari "Threesixty". Utk other entries nanti aku pikirkan topic ape plak that i can share uolls...C ya.

(Me n hubby...)

(My only son @ Mohamad Aqeef)

(My families)..

 (My kids n thier niece n naphews (coloured)...

(My kids n thier niece n naphews (black & white...)

(Families (Husband side)...